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Car Dealer Website allows you to get your car dealership inventory on the Web.




Car Dealer Website allows you to get your car dealership inventory on the Web. Car Dealer Website project's easy-to-use system features full searching capability by make/model, price range, and year range.

Each listing has a contact form where buyers can easily make contact from your site on a particular vehicle.

You can upload as many images as needed per listing and setup as many makes and models as needed for your dealership. It is fully template driven, and is easy to customize.


-copy all files to your web host
-use phpmyadmin or your mysql interface to run site.sql against your database.
-chmod 777 upload/ and upload/tmp/
-open site.xml and edit the database section with your database details.
-go to admin/ and login with username of admin with a password of test.
-be sure to change the passwords for the admin and regular user.

Setup the site.xml file with your database settings as follows.

< database type="mysql" >
< server >database server address< /server >
< login >database login< /login >
< password >database password< /password >
< default >mysql database name< /default >
< /database >

Add this to your htaccess file to prevent viewing of the xml config file.

< Files ~ ".xml" >
Order allow,deny
Deny from all
Satisfy All
< /Files >

What's New in This Release:

Some of the lines of code within the library files were fixed up to improve the speed of the system.
Last updated on July 3rd, 2006
Car Dealer WebsiteCar Dealer WebsiteCar Dealer Website

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