Bug-A-Boo 1.09

Bug-A-Boo provides a software bug tracking system.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Thomas F
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Bug-A-Boo provides a software bug tracking system.

Bug-A-Boo is a bug reporting and tracking system that runs on any Web server that supports CGI. It helps you to keep an eye on bugs reported to you by users of your software products.

It can handle any number of projects, users, and bug classifications, and is really flexible in their setup. It features fast fulltext search, query storage, themes, and bug watches.

It uses the tdbengine as a database backend.

Here are some key features of "Bug A Boo":

can handle an almost unlimited number of projects, versions, components, users, user groups, bugs, bug criteries, bug watches, bug browsing filters etc. The tdbengine which it is based on uses complex algorithms and indexing structures that make it that fast even with a huge amount of data.
can inform you via email everytime a bug is reported that maches a component of any project you selected. It will email you when someone changes a bug you reported, you modified last or you are responsible for.
allows users to keep an eye on interesting bugs and issues they are not directly involved with. Changes are then reported via email immediately
allows users to define filters for browsing the bugs. A filter then can be re-used every time it is needed.
is capable of handling multiple languages, either preset by the system administrator or by each user individually. The phrases are stored in a simple text file and thus can be translated to any language easily.
is fully themeable which means it can get a total different look either choseable by the users or preset by the administator. The layout selection includes replacement of the templates and graphics while a theme is meant to change the colors.
has a fulltext indexed search routine which is incredible fast
provides full overview with its integrated statistics showing all figures of interest.
will be continously improved and extended

What's New in This Release:

new administration option "Note" implemented: the admin has the possibility to write a note for all users, that appears on the overview page
internal messaging now allows group wise recipient selection, too.
slightly optimized bug report edit form layout
fixed several minor bugs

Last updated on January 22nd, 2007

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