BibORB 1.3.3

BibORB project is a Bibtex on-line reference browser.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Guillaume Gardey
ROOT \ Information Management
BibORB project is a Bibtex on-line reference browser.

BibORB is a Web-based tool for managing bibliographies. It allows the sharing of bibliographies and provides an interface for editing references.

It also eases the management of electronic versions (.ps, .pdf, etc.) of papers associated with your references.

Classification is possible using groups, and search functions are included.

BibTeX bibliographies can be imported, and selected references can be exported to BibTeX, Ris, and DocBook format.

Here are some key features of "BibORB":

Bibliographies management
BibTeX front-end
Basket function
Import your existing .bib files
Create new bibliographies
Delete bibliographies
Export bibliography as plain text .bib file
View different bibliographies
Browse bibliography entries
Create new bibliography entries
Delete bibliography entries
Upload further information on bibliography entries to the server (including electronic releases of papers in .ps, .ps.gz or .pdf)
Create a link to another website with information about the bibliography entry
Create a link to more information about the bibliography entry on the server
Search in your bibliography (by authors, keywords or titles)
Advanced search
Sort entries by title/year/id
Select a subset of a bibliography by groups
Select a subset of a bibliography matching a search query
Select subset of bibliography by shopping basket function
Export the basket to plain text .bib file (select which fields to export)
Export the basket to a simple HTML output
Authentication supports (disabled by default) to restrict write access
Generate a BibTeX file from a LaTeX .aux file.
English, French, German localization
Advanced search using XPath queries

What's New in This Release:

Add default privileges management for “anonymous” users.
Fix bugs in ‘file’ authentication method.
Fix bug when attempting to create bibliographies which names contain accents.
Keep track of: the read status of a reference (not read, to read, read).
Keep track of the ownership of a reference (own,borrow,buy, not own)(contribution by Arlid Bergh)
Italian localization.(contribution by Massimo Redaelli)
Choose between uploading a file or enter its address when editing the fields ‘url’, ‘urlzip’ and ‘pdf’ of a reference (local vs remote).
Duplicate BibTeX keys detected while importing BibTeX references
Add user preferences management for logged in users (for both files and mysql authentication).
Add the possibility to sort entries by the date they were added or modified.
Entries can be sorted by the last name of their first author.
New navigation systems to browse entries according values of some BibTeX fields (year,group,journal,series,author).
Add RIS and DocBook export.

Last updated on February 8th, 2007

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