Bias 1.0.3

Cross-platform and versatile information management software (organizer).

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What's new in Bias 1.0.3:

  • Ability to force anti-aliasing mode implemented
  • Lots of extension improvements
  • Other minor improvements
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.9/5 23
Roman Kasianenko
ROOT \ Information Management
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Bias is a cross-platform and versatile information management software (organizer).

Open source - project code is available to everyone interested, meaning independent developers can get involved into add-ons development process

Cross-platform - application runs under any modern OS, having Java virtual machine installed: Linux, Mac OS, Windows, etc.

Portable - application's workspace is not coupled to OS and is stored in single directory; thus, application can be easily stored on USB-drive and user can work with it (same data) in any place (home, at work, in the internet-cafe) on any PC available (independently from OS)

Secure - data user works with are encrypted/decrypted "on the fly" (this is implemented on core level, so does not depend on certain extension and data type), meaning even if USB-flash-drive will be lost and unauthorized person will get access to it, data still remain unavailable for him; same applies to network-transferred data (even if data will be interceptd - it remain encrypted)

Extensible - application's functionality is extended via 3rd-party addons: extensions ("bricks" which are used to biuld full data structure), tools (like search, statistics, etc.), transferrers (data transfer protocols support, like FTP, SMB and so on), icon sets and skins (aka "themes") - special addon type, that allows to modify application's look and feel; different application functional "effects" are attained by different addons combining

Flexible - application's "skeleton" allows to create hierarchical data structures with any nesting level, thus giving to user full freedom in workspace organization; another quite handy function supported is: different data entries can be linked to each other (for example, this may look like a link in text of one entry by clicking on which redirection to another entry is performed)

Usable - Bias is designed to be as comfortable to work with as possible: when application is started it's state, saved on previous session shutdown is restored: main window (independently from PC used, OS and screen resolution) restores it's position on the screen, entry user was working with last time activates and so on.

Last updated on February 7th, 2011


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