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BIE is designed to help organizations exchange data created in different applications on various platforms with partners.




BIE helps organizations exchange data created in multi-platform applications.The Business Integration Engine (BIE) is offered under a dual licensing approach and is the industry's first open source offering.

BIE is a cost-effective, lightweight integration solution that provides many advantages over existing integration approaches and is evolving into a Service-Oriented Integration tool.

Created originally for manufacturers with diverse back-end systems and large, fragmented distribution networks, BIE provides integration capabilities in environments where other solutions would be cost-prohibitive or inefficient due to antiquated trading partner systems, lack of industry standards, and/or extensive requirements.

Because BIE is platform-independent, many legacy systems can be leveraged "as is." BIE is flexible, extendible and scalable, making it possible to integrate a wide variety of applications - even other integration utilities - quickly and cost-effectively.

It competes in the same space as applications like Microsoft BizTalk except that it is truly cross-platform since it written in Java.
Last updated on March 27th, 2009

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