AngelineCMS Lite

AngelineCMS is an open source Content Management System (CMS) and a complete Web Development Framework (Application server).

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AngelineCMS LiteAngelineCMS LiteAngelineCMS Lite
AngelineCMS is an open source Content Management System (CMS) and a complete Web Development Framework (Application server). AngelineCMS is written from ground up to take advance of PHP5's OO-features.

AngelineCMS is Open Source software under OSI approved Mozilla Public License. AngelineCMS aims for easy, innovative solutions for daily web publishing problems. Along with the CMS part, we're aiming for as perfect web development framework as possible!

Here are some key features of "AngelineCMS":

Some cool features:

Blogger client with wysiwyg editor
Page editor with wysiwyg editor
Multiuser enviroment
Shareable blogs, files and documents
Modular framework
Multilingual support (Although at the time of writing this we only have English and Finnish support)
Friendly User Interface Guidelines to ensure ease of use
Runs on multiple database servers! MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
Runs on multiple operating systems
Easily installable modules and plugins
Blogger even supports XHTML for mobile phones!

Some cool technical features of the AngelineCMS Framework:

Supports multiple login methods. Database, LDAP and even integrates into CPanel!
Supports multiple storage backends, such as database, ftp and filesystem
Full framework for handling module permissions and sharing, easy to create modules when there's no need to worry about basic stuff like authentication!
Bindable urls, bind any module or url to any virtual "folder"
Easy module interface
Easy plugin (sidebar modules) interface
BBcode support
SMTP-support for sending email
Great XML classes, generate XML tree directly from stdClass object, unlimited tree levels
Fully XSLT-based template system
Image subsystem for using GD and ImageMagick transparently
Net classes for http, https, get, post methods
Fully documented kernel classes!
Easy multilangual translation using XML files
Clean, identically indented source code through whole project
Clean code - written to be PHP5 Strict compliant. No undefined variables, no errors, nothing!
Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite through AdoDB
PHP5 Strict ported fork of AdoDB
Secure, self-validating post/get data

Last updated on March 6th, 2008

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