jset 0.20

jset project is an implementation of the Set board game.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Jerome Lacoste
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jset project is an implementation of the Set board game.

The game can be played alone or on the network. The Set board game is a card game whose goal is to find matching sets of cards.

The game is played using 81 (3^4) unique cards. On each card is drawn a set of identical shapes.

These sets of shapes have 4 properties, each shape property taken from a set of 3 possibilities: color (e.g. red, blue, and green), type (e.g. rectangle, circle, and triangle), fill (e.g. empty, full, and shaded), and number (e.g. one, two, and three).

The cards are disposed on the table in front of the players. The players must try to identify matching sets of cards.


· a SDK >= 1.4
· Ant version >= 1.5
· or Maven >=1.0rc2

What's New in This Release:

· Filled up the xdocs/tasks.xml from the now obsolete TODO.txt
· Added build version to Client's Frame title. Took a screenshot
· Introduced maven as the new default build system
· Created a logo, and made site documentation use it as well as point to coffeebreaks logo
· Introduced a simple webstart version of the game
· Introduced a very simple manual, in the form of a graphical explanation of what a set is. Also contains links to the official SetGame company
· Allowed user to cancel the confi rm the closing of the client window. Also made the UI close the wrapped game, without having to use CTRL+C
· Removed non ascii characters from LICENSE.txt so that maven does not complain
· Fix xdocs/navigation.xml to point to the correct project page
· Cleanups in code and javadoc, to make checkstyle happier (from 2354 to 341)
· Fixed 2/3 of the findbugs warnings/errors, including many serialization issues
· Fixed a non triggered copy/paste bug in org.cb.cardboard.AbstractCardBoardModel.remoteBoardDataListener()
· Make sure project.xml developer name matches repository user id, so that developer activity and changes reports are correctly generated
· Improve error handling in JSetGameServer
· Applied new naming conventions on interfaces. Removed the trailing IF and tried to avoid using 2 identical name in the code.

Last updated on November 24th, 2006

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