Utopia Imp 0.14

Utopia Imp is a cross-platform intelligence formatter, manager & calculator for the online webgame Utopia .

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Maarten Groeneweg
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Utopia ImpUtopia ImpUtopia Imp
Utopia Imp is a cross-platform intelligence formatter, manager & calculator for the online webgame Utopia . It can format text from Utopia's pages to a readable form to share with kingdommates, and store and manage it for your own use. It has an Attack Calculator to help you prepare your attacks.


Download the most recent utopia-imp-linux.tgz file and unpack it to a location of your choice. You need to have the Qt 3 libraries installed on your system. They are probably available from your distribution. If you have KDE, they will already be present.

Imp will use the directory ~/.utopia-imp to store your settings and data. The xml-files can be placed in ~/.utopia-imp, /etc/utopia-imp/ or together with the executable.


If you wish to compile Utopia Imp yourself, you need a C++ compiler and the Qt toolkit from Trolltech. Imp is written for version 3, but made compatible with version 4 too. Download the free open source edition from www.trolltech.com/download/opensource.html. Linux distributions will usually have a package available.

Download the most recent utopia-imp-source.tgz file and unpack it. To start, run qmake on the file imp.pro to generate a Makefile. Windows users might have to run qtvars.bat from Qtbin to set up environment variables. Then continue by running make, which should do the rest. The resulting program is put in the bin subdirectory.


The formatter can take intelligence information from various sources to store and use them. Currently the following things can be formatted:

· Kingdom page
· Crystal Ball and Throne page
· Military Affairs and Spy on Military reports
· Internal Affairs and Survey reports
· Science page and Spy on Sciences reports

Besides the original information Imp can import formatted reports from others. It can read the formats from itself, from Utopia Temple and from Utopiapimp.

To format, select the information you want in your browser and copy it to the clipboard. Imp will format the data automaticly if it detects a clipboard change. If this does not work push the Format button. The new intel will be added and displayed.

You can normally select the whole page to get all necessery parts, Ctrl-A followed by Ctrl-C will select and copy a page. With preformatted reports it is possible to import multiple reports at once.

To manage your gathered intel, select the Formatter tab on Imp. The top half of the window has a list with all the provinces you have information on, grouped by their kingdoms. For each it displays name, race, landsize, networth and networth per acre values. You can click on the column headers to sort the list in differt orders. Clicking on a province selects it and you can use the Control and Shift keys to select multiple provinces. To quickly select the whole kingdom double-click the kingdom name.

Provinces that have more information about them stored are listed in bold. Selecting these provinces will display the intel reports in the lower half of the window. Unless deactivated, it will also copy the text to the clipboard, so you can post the information to your kingdom forum. Pressing the Copy button will also copy the text to the clipboard.

Your own province will be colored blue and monarchs will be colored in red. Provinces which are known to have an army away from home are marked in orange. You can delete provinces and kingdoms with the delete key.
Attack Calculator

Select the Attack Calculator tab to plan attacks against an enemy. The left side calculates the attack strength of a province, and the right side calculates the defense strength of another. Set all the values correctly and at the bottom the strengths are displayed and compared. Sending a higher modified attack strength then your opponents modified defense strength will result in a successfull battle.

You can load intel from the formatter to the calculator by double-clicking a province, this will usually set everything correctly, but check to make sure.
The Swap button makes the two provinces switch sides so you can estimate for counter-attacks.

In the relation list, you can also select Ambush to calculate for an ambush attack.

Some hints:

· Always get a up-to-date CB, and a SoM too when armies are out.
· Sending around 0.5% more strength has worked fine for me.
· Freaks have a highly random strength, oversend by up to 10% to make sure.
· SoM's are inaccurate, manually increase the inaccurate numbers to be on the safe side.
· When attacking a monarch, check if the relation list is set correctly so the 10% defense bonus is used if needed.

What's New in This Release:

· New icon
· Code cleanup of intel tree and attack calculator
· Age updates: WoL #33 & Genesis #12 + Layout changes

Last updated on February 28th, 2008

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