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Tavli3d is the greek version of backgammon written in OpenGL/SDL.





Tavli3d is the greek version of backgammon written in OpenGL/SDL. Tavli3d is a single player game that aims to be simple and fun to play.

There are the following options when running:

-d directory Specify home directory
The -d option has no use
It exists only for debugging
(you can use it to specify the directory
where the subdirectory .3dtavli will be created
or already exists which contains the file options)

-h This help
--help (same as above)
-v Version
--version (same as above)
-l License information
--license (same as above)

If you have problem running the program you can create the directory $(HOME)/.3dtavli and the file $(HOME)/.3dtavli/options (where $(HOME) home is your home directory) this file should be three lines long the first line should contain only the number 0 or 1(false or true for fullscreen) the second line should contain only one number ranging from 0 to 5 where 0 is 640x480 resolution and 5 is 1280x1024)
the third line should be empty Anything else will create problems.

So if you have problems (fullscreen doesn't work for example, though this should be detected when teh program starts) you can create a file like this



What's New in This Release:

Made some changes to configure.ac, in order to fix compilation under modular Xorg.
Last updated on October 30th, 2007
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