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Rhino is an Othello/reversi game.




Rhino is an Othello/reversi game.

The goad is to have a very strong AI and useful as a learning tool for those who want to master the game.

What distinguish GRhino from most other Othello games is that GRhino will be targeted for experienced Othello players. Strong AI is the main focus with some additional good, useful features (like an endgame solver) is planned. The ultimate target strength of the AI is that it should be able to beat the best human player at the highest difficulty level. Beating Logistello (the strongest program available) is not in the plan.

Some important AI infrastructure has been finished. Pattern evaluator and open book are mostly done but still requires some further optimization and data file compression.

Multi prob-cut to speedup the AI is still missing so it still has a limit on its game strength but this mostly affects playing against other strong AI out there. The main focus for current development is about user interface and features. Currently finished parts include

End game search. It can now solve the exact score (in about 20 sec on P-133) at around 15 empties and Win-Loss-Draw at a slightly higher number of empties.
Move ordering.
Start game from known openings.
Display opening name.
A decent pattern-based evaluation with parity knowledge.
A decent open book with opening variations allowed.
Browse IOS and GGS format game file.


Gnome 2 libs

What's New in This Release:

Fix a possible compilation problem.
Last updated on August 11th, 2006

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