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Python Risk engine with assorted player interfaces




PyRisk is a Python engine and interface for building games similar to the 1957 La ConquĂȘte du Monde by Albert Lamorisse (of "Le Ballon rouge / The Red Balloon" fame). The game is perhaps better known as Risk, and is produced by Parker Brothers (now a division of Hasbro).

Benefits over other open source implementations:

- simple, extensible implementation
- play-by-email

Getting PyRisk

PyRisk is available as a Git repository:

git clone

The most recent commit is also available as a gzipped tarball at:

Once you get the source, installation is via Docutils:

pyrisk$ python build
pyrisk$ python install

Getting started

To setup play-by-email, you'll have to have some method to redirect appropriate messages into a named pipe. With procmail, that will look something like:

* ^Subject:.*\[PyRisk.*
 :0 wc

 | /bin/echo -e '\000' >> /path/to/named/pipe

The echo command appends a NULL byte to the FIFO, which (I think), helps the read() in _get_msg break at the appropriate point.

Once you have the procmail rule setup, just add your EmailPlayers to your game and go:

from pyrisk.base import generate_earth, Player, Engine
from import IncomingEmailDispatcher, \
 OutgoingEmailDispatcher, EmailPlayer
from import WorldRenderer
world = generate_earth()
ied = IncomingEmailDispatcher(fifo_path='/tmp/')
oed = OutgoingEmailDispatcher(return_address='')
wr = WorldRenderer()
players = [EmailPlayer('Alice', '', ied, oed, wr),
 EmailPlayer('Bob', '', ied, oed, wr),
e = Engine(world, players)
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