Patriarchs 1

A 2D multiplayer strategy game

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Patriarchs is a turn-based, two player game derived from the Patriarchs Chess Gaming System, written in Python and PyGame.


Each player controls an army, much like FIDE chess, there is the Blue Army and the Red Army. Each player seeks to capture the opposition Patriarch unit to win.

There are four unit types in total:


The Patriarch is the central unit in the army and each army has only one, it may move one square in any direction, but can never move to a square that is not either the core square, upon which the Patriarch begins the game, or else a square adjacent to it.


The Cardinal is the most dangerous unit in an army and each army begins with two of them. Cardinals can move one square in any direction or any number of squares in a cardinal direction (straight, non-diagonal line). They can not jump over or move through other units, friendly or otherwise.


The Secondary is the inverse of the Cardinal, it may move one square in any direction or else any number of squares in a secondary direction (straight, diagonal line). It can not jump units either. Each army begins with two Secondaries.


The Support is the most basic unit. Each army begins the game with four and they may move one square in any direction.


Units capture an opposition unit by moving to the square occupied by that unit, much like FIDE chess pieces. However, once a unit is captured, it is immediately added to the capturing players own reserves and can be deployed much the same as any unit the player began the game with. This is similar to Shogi.


Each player begins with both their Cardinals and Secondaries in reserve. A player may deploy any unit they have in reserve so long as their Patriarch is on the core square. If the Patriarch is not currently in the core square, all deployment is illegal for that army. Any unit deployed must be placed on an empty square adjacent to the Patriarch, adjacent to the core square.


Each player makes two acts per turn, with the exception of the very first turn of the game, where only one act is made. Each act may be a move or a deployment, so a player may make two deployments as one turn, or might make two moves as one turn, or might deploy then move or else move then deploy, but each of the two acts made in any turn must be on two different units. A player may not deploy a unit, then move it nor move the same unit twice. Two acts on two different units equals one turn.

Play it, it'll make sense, besides, the computer will enforce all the rules and tell you which player is to move and whether it is their 1st or 2nd Act of that move. Click on an empty square adjacent to the Patriarch, while it is on the core square and the deployment menu will come up, select a unit and it will be deployed to the square selected. Squares are highlighted when selected.

It is written in Python2.6 and it is a single module and needs only pygame importing to run.

Last updated on August 10th, 2010


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