IBGS 0.2

IBGS is an Internet board game server.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.9/5 15
Christoph Bauer
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IBGS project is an Internet board game server.

IBGS is a game server for board games such as chess, go, checkers, and nine nens morris.

Data about players and games are stored in an SQL database. The FICS protocol is supported. The IBGS Client is part of this project.

You can store your games in a IBGS server. When you analyse a game the server shows you statistical information about the current position.

But first you have to fill the db with games. There easiest way is to convert some pgn files. This can be done by the tool pgn2db.

Then log into the server an type "examine". You can now analyse your game.


· OCaml
· PCRE-Ocaml
· xstrp4
· findlib
· lablgtk2
· Chessfonts
· Postgresql
· postgres for ocaml
· sqlite
· ocaml-sqlite

What's New in This Release:

· This release fixes a lot (!) of bugs.
· New SQL backends are added: sqlite, postgres
· Integration of the game database (-> README)
· pgn2db converter: pgn2db
· "make install" should work now.
· rating calculation (by towa)
· improved IBGS Client (Clock, ...)
· Some new ICS commands are implemented. Commands restricted to administrators are marked with `*'.
· draw - offers or accepts a draw request
· history - shows played games
· moves - shows a move list of the current game
· finger - shows player information
· set fingernotes - sets player information
· setrating* - sets a rating
· [=-+]norminator* - norminator list oparations
· asetpassword* - sets the password
· setadminlevel* - sets new administration level
· recalculate_rating* - recalculates all ratings
· debug* - enters the debug mode
· Lot of small improvements

Last updated on January 12th, 2007

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