Dead Creatures Rising 0.9

Round-based strategy game written in Python/PyGame
Dead Creatures Rising
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Dead Creatures Rising (DCR) is a round-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.


Left Click: Select
Middle Click: Mark unit as finished
Right Click: Move the map
Press F to toggle fullscreen.

When you click on an unit during your movement-turn, you can see all tile the unit can reach this turn. Select a tile and the unit will take the shortest path to its destination. When a unit has movement-points left, but you don't want that unit to move, press the middle mousebutton.

When hovering over an unit, an tooltip pops up and shows some information about that unit. If you control an unit with more than one weapon, you can press s to switch its weapon.

The AI is very simple at the moment. It will just close up to your units and attack them.

last updated on:
April 20th, 2009, 16:21 GMT
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developed by:
Max Power
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Dead Creatures Rising
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3 Screenshots
Dead Creatures RisingDead Creatures Rising
What's New in This Release:
  • This is actually the last working release (the last downloads you get on or on svn are somewhat buggy), including partikel-effects for blood.
  • I think I will not continue working on this game, since I have not much time. Maybe someone else will find it usefull, the game-engine is quite usefull I think.
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