BoardServ 0.2

A network board server game

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What's new in BoardServ 0.2:

  • Once again, I hate to upload this project so soon, but I re-did the whole thing and I just wanted to throw it out there (for no reason whatsoever). I rewrote the entire system using Geometrian's Mastermind networking lib (here on, and the engine still works (for the most part). I'm not happy about the unusually high code sloppiness, since it's just a quick networking hack I built to get a feel for the networking system. Yet, despite everything that seems to go wrong, it's not that hard. Or maybe Mastermind just makes it so easy...
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GPL v3 
Barry Peddycord
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BoardServ is a personal endeavor to create an abstract and useful game server for easy implementation in network games. This project shows how a standalone server package can be imported and utilized independently of the game logic or the client.

This server is not quite finished, and while it works in very controlled circumstances, is hardly fit for heavy usage. I do not recommend using it over the Internet at this stage of development, but you can launch an instance of the server and two clients locally to simulate the gameplay. Windows systems don't like network games, so I suggest you use a *nix system when testing it out. Python and command-line knowledge is a must. A small tutorial is in the README.

BoardServ is Free Software released under the GNU GPL Version 3.

Developer comments

You can play, modify, and redistribute as much as you like. If you can think of any way to improve it, PLEASE let me know.

Last updated on April 8th, 2009


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