ZQuake 0.14 / 0.15 Beta

ZQuake is a port of the popular QuakeWorld game.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.1/5 14
Anton Gavrilov
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ZQuake is a port of the popular QuakeWorld game.

ZQuake is a QuakeWorld engine with moderate enhancements compared to other source ports and is being used as base for FuhQuake and subsequently ezQuake.

Much time has been spent to fix and clean up the code. It runs faster as well.

Here are some key features of "ZQuake":

· Client and server in one binary - the way it should have been from the start
· Win32 priority fix in zqds - you can play with ping 13 on localhost now, and you don't need priority.exe any more!
· All known qwsv security holes fixed
· Highly tweaked & bugfixed networking/prediction code
· More bindable keys, like capslock, numlock and keypad keys
· Powerful scripting system
· FPS settings menu - you can bump your fps considerably by removing annoying gibs/corpses/torches, etc, from the screen
· Teamplay messages (%h, %a, %l, etc), with support for qizmo .loc files
· Playback of Qizmo .qwz demos
· Playback of NetQuake .dem demos
· Demo player menu
· Fullbright colors and colored dynamic lighting in GL
· [hacky]lightmap overbrights in GL
· gl_gamma and gl_contrast cvars - you don't have to adjust your monitor's brightness every time you want to play Quake.
· A number of renderer speedups (both software and GL), ZQuake runs roughly 10% faster than QWCL 2.30
· Tons of bugfixes all over the engine
· Single player and coop games.
· Ability to save and load back single player games
· And much more...


· svgalib
· x11
· Linux server

What's New in This Release:

· NQ progs.dat is supported. The two Quake mission packs, Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity, work right out of the box. So does Omicron Bot, the famous NetQuake bot that can play on any map and learn while playing.
· connection to NetQuake servers is supported (nqconnect command).
· ZQ_VWEP and client-side display of vwep models
· support for cyrillic characters in chat
· cl_zeropingmode cvar, enabled by default, results in zero ping for locally started games. Rather than transfer player input to the server and wait till the next frame to read the reply, the client will do everything in one frame, just like NetQuake does. This is very handy for single player games, because some mods will change player physics one way or another; zero ping mode guarantees that no prediction errors occur. The mode is automatically disabled when recording is stated because not all clients would be able to play back such demos.
· the clumsy default.cfg from pak0.pak is replaced with a builtin config with reasonable defaults (wasd movement + Thresh's weapon binds)
· cl_gibfilter 2: gibs are displayed, but fade away after a couple of seconds. Playing for fun has never been so fun!
· tga and png loading supported for 2d graphics and bsp textures (but not for alias models yet, sorry). Yeah this is long overdue.
· external texture loading for classic skies
· duplicate texture names solution
· fps-independent physics (cl_independentPhysics cvar). This is the first time it's officially supported in ZQuake.

Last updated on February 21st, 2008

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