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A free, open source, multi-platform and fast-paced first-person shooter (FPS) game

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Xonotic is a multiplatform, multiplayer, completely free, open source and fun FPS (First-person Shooter) game powered by the Darkplaces game engine, which is originally a modification of the powerful Quake 1 game engine.

It is the direct successor of Nexuiz, a fast-paced, intense and chaotic multiplayer first-person shooter game that focuses on providing basic, old-style deathmatch gameplay. Xonotic’s game mechanics and teamplay are very similar to those of the popular Unreal Tournament game.

Includes 18 maps, 16 full weapons and 9 core weapons

Xonotic is a well-done FPS game that really makes the Quake and Unreal Tournament games proud. It includes 18 official maps, but the player can easily add additional maps from the community channels, especially maps ported from Quake.

The game also includes 16 full weapons and 9 core weapons, each one designed with a secondary fire, in the style of Unreal Tournament, so you will be able to choose a different option for a given scenario.

Offers a HUD editor and integrated player statistics

The modular HUD (Heads-Up Display) editor is a really great feature, as players will be able to easily customize what they want to see on their screen. You will be able to do anything you want, add whiz-bang widgets, go minimalist, or stay with the default setup.

Another interesting feature it the ability to track your performance, thanks to the built-in statistics system, called XonStat. Players will be able to view game-level data like scoreboard results, view personal data, view wins and loses, average accuracies, as well as frag ratio.

Bottom line

The game features incredibly good graphics for an open source game and is on par with most commercial games from years 2006-2007. Xonotic provides a wide variety of weapons, rapid movement, as well as addictive, arena-style gameplay. It aims to become the best open source FPS game on the market!

Xonotic was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 28th, 2015
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