Unvanquished Alpha 36.0

An open source FPS (First Person Shooter) and RTS (Real Time Strategy) video game

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What's new in Unvanquished Alpha 36.0:

  • Our latest alpha release is a big one! We have two new models, two mapping updates, gameplay progress, and plenty going on behind the scenes. First, let’s go over the new models. We’ve got the repeater, which means that of this release, all human building models are finished! As for the alien team, we have the spiker, a brand new defense structure that acts as a living proximity mine. For our maps, Antares has received a significant overhaul with a new detail pass, and Forlorn has seen another large graphical update, with both maps heading towards a stable state soon.
  • Gameplay has the spiker, as previously mentioned. We’ve also improved performance when facing rocket pods and turrets, as their targeting calculation has been refactored to be more efficient. Rocket pods now have a lock-on delay, their firing rate has been halved, and their damage has been increased by a third. Engine-side, we’ve been working on preparing NaCl for a tentative public release of the new VM system next month. We presently use NaCl server-side, but this will now run for clients too, completely replacing QVM with NaCl. The sys_rewrite branch has been merged into NaCl-cgame, and the new VM system is playable, but it needs some final tuning. You can expect a more detailed update on this soon!
  • Now, for the commits made over the course of this release cycle:
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GPL v3 
Unvanquished Project
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Unvanquished is an open source, fast-paced and futuristic FPS (First-Person Shooter) video game with RTS (Real-Time Strategy) elements. In this game, the players choose to be a highly resilient alien or an avant-garde human soldier.

While choosing to play the game as a human soldier will focus mainly on long-range firepower, playing as an alien will most likely rely on stealth and quick movement. During the game, players can receive various upgrades, and the ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy base.

A fork of Tremulous

It is a fork of the well known Tremulous open source, team-based first-person shooter/real-time strategy video game created by Dark Legion Development and based on the powerful and unbeatable ioquake3 game engine.

Unvanquished is powered by the Daemon engine, and provides users with a much better gaming experience (improved visual effects, animations, increased texture size, etc.). However, users need to know that the Daemon engine is actually based on Quake 3 and ET:XreaL.

Uses a state-of-the-art OpenGLv3 compliant renderer

The game uses a state-of-the-art OpenGLv3 compliant renderer and provides users with unique special effects special effects, including rim lighting, color grading, bloom, heat haze and motion blur.

Additionally, it features 3D skeleton based models (also known as MD5 models) with procedural animation blending and skeletal animation, support for specular, gloss, glow, and normal texture maps, navigation mesh based bots that use behavior trees, and multi-language support.

The project is in active development since year 2011. It still in Alpha stage and receives regular updates (on a monthly basis) that bring general improvements and new content (maps, textures, sounds, engine features, maps, etc.).

Bottom line

Overall, the game looks and acts much better than Tremulous, it is a mix between the Quake 2 and Alien vs Predator games, and it’s recommended to all Linux users who want to play a free and fast-paced FPS game.

Unvanquished was reviewed by , last updated on February 2nd, 2015

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