Taltos 0.1 Demo

An adventure/hacker game, based on a cyberpunk theme

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GPL v3 
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Inspiraton for Taltos was drawn from the Neuromancer game, Street hacker, Hacker Evolution, and other hacker games, Cholo, and Bloodnet.

Taltos will be basicly a cyberpunk game, with a little fantasy flavour. The gamer takes the role of Bulcsú, the hacker wannabe, who fights against the megacorporations (of course), but gets a little help from unusual sources. The game has fantasy elements, inspired by the ancient hungarian mythology. The plot takes place in Miskolc (it's a city in eastern Hungary).

I divided the game and the development into four bigger modules. The first is the RPG module, which implements tha part of the game where the player can wander in the city, talk to other people and can buy stuff. The next big module will be the hacking module, which is the most important one. The player can hack into remote systems using a CLI interface, so the player have to play by typing commands into a command prompt, but he can also develop his own style, because he can write scripts of his own too. This module got many ideas from hacking games like Underground hacker, Street hacker or Uplink. The player will have the ability to build his own computer too, from smaller parts. This is implemented in a seperate module, in which the player can also assemble his own adapter cards using IC-s, and can design his own circuit boards for them. The last module is about cyberspace. The player can explore the 3D VRML networks, where he can talk to others, buy software, and he also can hack into databases and get information. Hacking in cyberspace is much like in Neuromancer, so the player have to use prebought virus programs to crack the database's ICE. This part of the game will show resemblance with Ovine's Cholo game, regarding visuals.

Naturaly the game is completely open source, and the other works included (music and art) are under Creative Commons 2.5 licence. Everyone is welcome to contribute. The code is written in python, using pyGame API. The pictures were painted with hand, then edited using Gimp. The 3D graphics of the cyberspace module will be created with Blender, and programmed using pyOpenGL API. The music you hear in the tech demo is made by Akpoh, who is a kind goa musician, who gave his works free of charge. Táltos runs under Linux and windows.

You can help by developing, with bug reports, feature request, question, feedback, or anything. The more people who get interested, the more I am convinced that this development is worth it. But above all, the project needs a good graphic artist, to replace the awful painted graphics with good art.

Last updated on September 24th, 2010


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