Privateer: Ascii Sector

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Roguelike variant of Wing Commander: Privateer





Privateer: Ascii Sector is a 100% FREE space combat/trading/exploration game for Linux and Windows. You start with a simple spaceship and can then accept missions or trade goods to earn enough money to upgrade your ship or buy a new one. The game offers a wide variety of missions, commodities and ships -- a lot more than the original Wing Commander: Privateer, on which this game is based.

You can engage in deadly fights both in space and on the ground, and using the Privateer: Ascii Sector quest language, you can create your own stories in the Ascii Sector universe, or have fun with other players' stories.

What sets this game apart from most others is its 'graphics'. Privateer: Ascii Sector uses only ASCII characters in 16 different colors to present its environments. This might take some getting used to for most players, but it also means that the game's single designer and programmer can concentrate on gameplay instead of fancy graphics. Check out the screenshots to see how the game looks.

If you're ready to step into the Ascii Sector universe, just download the free game by clicking the link at the top. Or visit the discussion forum for tips and tricks, and development updates from the game's author.
Last updated on April 21st, 2011
Privateer: Ascii Sector - Main screenPrivateer: Ascii Sector - Options screenPrivateer: Ascii Sector - Input your name...Privateer: Ascii Sector - Privateer: Ascii Sector in action

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