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The OpenGTA project tries to reimplement Grand Theft Auto and make it better.





The OpenGTA project tries to re-implement Grand Theft Auto and make it better.

OpenGTA is an open source clone of the Grand Theft Auto engine that can be used with the original game files to play the game and ultimately enhance it.

The project is still in early development, so you can only walk around the town.


· Original game files.
· OpenGL
· SDL_mixer
· SDL_sound
· PhysicsFS
· Loki
· g++
· GNU Make
· Lua (optional)


Only tested on GNU Linux using gcc & make; I assume that GL, SDL and PhysicsFS are installed, Loki is downloaded and compiled automatically.

Just run 'make' or specifically 'make viewer'.

The other programs are/were used for development or debugging.

The distributed win32 binaries are created with a cross-compiler.

The file doc/compiling.txt in the source code release contains more information about the build process.

Installing the data-files

You can download the game from .

These programs expect to find the data in the current directory, either directly in the file-system or in a ZIP file (named ''). You want the content of the original game directory GTADATA, but not the directory itself. See doc/using_mods.txt for a slightly longer description.

*.FXT, *.FON, *.CMP

STYLE*.GRY (for 8-bit graphics)
STYLE*.G24 (for 24-bit graphics)

Will be needed (in the future):
*.RAT ( 8 bit menu graphics)
*.RAW (24 bit menu graphics)
AUDIO/*.RAW AUDIO/*.SDT (sound effects)
AUDIO/*.WAV (cutscene text; in legacy format)

You may also want to keep the music (even though it isn't used yet).
It is safe to assume that Ogg Vorbis [ ] will
be supported, so you can encode the music files.


Note: Binary releases only contain the 'viewer' application; the other
programs should only be intersting for developers (read: compile
them yourself).


Export/Display textures and sprites;
run ./gfxextract -h (or without any parameters) for usage info.


Sprite graphics browser; shows internal indices, can display animations (ped walking, car delta anims).

run ./spriteplayer -h for usage information.


Brain-dead immediate-mode renderer of the city (now with objects); with plenty of bugs...

start as:

./viewer [flags] [0-2]

The optional param loads the respective city; default is 0:


There are several flags; see the compiled-in usage information.

-V show version and compile time switches
-h show usage

Using "-l 1" will make it easier to see actual error messages; sometimes there is a lot of noise on 'info' level (0).


ESC, cursor-keys, + and - do what you might except them to do;

x : pseudo-3d view
z : top-down view
. : decrease visible range
, : increase visible range
t : display entire city (at a crawl)
f : toggle fullscreen/windowed [only works on Linux]
PRINT : save 'screenshot.bmp' in current directory
p : dump coords (in lua syntax) to stdout
F2 : toggle drawing of sprite bounding-boxes
F3 : toggle marking of sprite tex-border-boxes
F4 : toggle free-move vs. follow-player
F5 : toggle drawing of road heading arrows (& normals)
F6 : city map mode (ESC to exit, +, -, cursor keys)
F9 : toggle city blocks drawn textured
F10 : toggle blocks wireframe lines
F12 : show/hide screen-gamma scrollbar

in 3d view:

w : forward
s : backward
space : stop
r : toggle rotate cam (when not moving)
g : toggle ~gravity~ affect on 3d-cam

You can move the view with the mouse; when you switch to 3d and the screen is black: move the mouse down.

in follow-player mode:

i,j,k,l : move player-char
l-shift : toggle walking/running
l-ctrl : shoot
0 : unselect weapon / unarmed
1,2,3,4 : select weapon (only switches graphic)
F7 : draw explosion at player pos (graphical effect)
F8 : create random-walker ped at player-pos

You can still use + and - to zoom; but the view will try to return to the old position quickly.
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