MDDClone-SDL Tech demo 23.3

A SDL port of Mercenary, Damocles and Dion Crisis.

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What's new in MDDClone-SDL Tech demo 23.3:

  • OpenGL: Frameskip option for slower machines
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Simon Ender
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MDDClone-SDL is a SDL port of Mercenary, Damocles and Dion Crisis.

MDDClone-SDL is an SDL port of MDDClone, which in turn is Windows port of Mercenary, Damocles and Dion games released for 8 and 16 bit computers in the '80s and '90s by Paul Woakes and the Novagen team.

The Mercenary saga are 3D adventure/simulation games, where you need to escape from an unknown planet by flying above its surface to locate underground complexes, where you must find objects and sell them in right locations to afford buying a replacement ship (part I: Escape From Targ), or save a planet from a comet which is about to hit it (part II: Damocles) and finally, stop a maniac from taking control over the system (part III: Dion Crisis). Parts II and III involve simple interplanetary flight, while in part I you are bound to one planet.

Developer comments

MDDClone-SDL in its current status, is a non-playable tech demo of Mercenary I. You can walk through doors of underground complexes, teleport yourself to different complexes, and watch how the objects are drawn. Please read the Keys file for a list of keys usable in the game.

Sadly, I can't release the source code. The algorithms contained in Mercenary may still be in use by the Novagen team (even if they are not called that now) for commercial reasons, and without their explicit permission we do not consider it appropriate to freely publish what should be considered their work.

More info can be found on project's home page.

Last updated on August 20th, 2010


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