HHexen 1.6.2

HHexen is an extended version of the Hexen game for Linux.

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What's new in HHexen 1.6.2:

  • reject the old (beta) PC demo (from hexen.zip, "Released October 2nd, 1995").
  • configure updates.
  • other minor changes
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Dan Olson and Steven Aus
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HHexen is an extended version of the Hexen game for Linux. It is based on Karl Robillard's Linux Hexen engine. .

Developer comments

This is a new release of Dan's excellent Hacked Hexen, by the authors of Hammer of Thyrion (HexenII). We're just applying fixes we have, and putting this game back in the wild so people can contribute to it again.


There exist several versions of the hexen.wad file:

1.0 wads:
b2543a03521365261d0a0f74d5dd90f0 hexen.wad (20,128,392 bytes)
1077432e2690d390c256ac908b5f4efa hexdd.wad (4,429,700 bytes)

1.1 wads:
abb033caf81e26f12a2103e1fa25453f hexen.wad (20,083,672 bytes)
78d5898e99e220e4de64edaa0e479593 hexdd.wad (4,440,584 bytes)

Demo version:
876a5a44c7b68f04b3bb9bc7a5bd69d6 hexen.wad (10,644,136 bytes)

The 1.0 wads may not be properly supported, and if you're having problems try recompiling with the "991_possible_bug_fix" patch.

To run the demo, configure with:

"./configure --enable-demowad"


Of course you'll need SDL and SDL-devel packages installed. To compile the OpenGL version, type:

./configure --enable-gl --disable-assassin

This will hopefully give you a working binary, "hhexen-gl"


Fullscreen is enabled by the ALT-Tab key combination.

Dan's fourth class, the Assassin, is not quite finished yet, and can be disabled with "configure --disable-assassin". The precompiled binaries with HHexen-1.4 do not have the assassin enabled.

Warning: There may be issues with game saves made from assassin enabled binaries and from those without. Enemies have been noticed to disappear!)

There is still no way to assign mouse buttons to actions in the control-setup menu; it still needs some work. Currently mouse buttons can still only be assigned to a few actions:

mouseb_fire (fire)
mouseb_strafe (strafe)
mouseb_forward (move forward)
mouseb_jump (jump)

Which is done by editing $HOME/.hhexen/hhexen.cfg and changing these values. Button values are:

left mouse button = 0
middle mouse button = 1
right mouse button = 2
unused =-1

So, to make the right button jump, change the mouseb_jump line (in .hhexen/hhexen.cfg) thus:

mouseb_jump 2

What's New in This Release:

Intermission and finale screens now work in OpenGL.
Added support for 64 bit machines.
Added support for big endian machines.
Saved games from 32 bit, 64 bit, little endian and big endian machines are compatible with each other.
Added support for the Mac version of the demo hexen.wad file.
OpenGL is the default configuration, now.
The demo wad files doesn't need a special configuration anymore.
Various hacks/fixes for the proper handling of different 1.0 and 1.1 wad file versions; read WADFILES for technical details.
Adding wad and lmp files: hhexen will now look in the user directory, too. Now, the search order is:

(1) in directory specifed by the HHEXEN_DATA environment variable,
(2) in the user directory (~/.hhexen/), and
(3) in the usual current directory (w/o any prefixes to the filename).

The recorded demos are now written in the user directory (~/.hhexen/).
Incomplete assassin class is now disabled by default. If you want it, configure with --enable-assassin
Fixed a crash with binaries compiled by gcc-4.0.x series compilers.
Fixed a sound related crash on FreeBSD.
Made the svgalib driver to actually work.
Many other bugfixes

Last updated on February 9th, 2011

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