Blood Frontier 0.85 Beta 2

Blood Frontier, It's Bloody Fun!
Blood Frontier
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Blood Frontier is a singleplayer/multiplayer third-person shooter.

In the distant future, humanity has spread throughout the solar system, to Mars and beyond. A vast communications network bridges from colony to colony, human to machine, and machine to human. This seemingly benign keystone of modern inter-planetary society, however, appears to be the carrier of a mysterious techno-biological plague. Any persons so-connected seem to fall ill and die, only to return as ravenous, sub-human cannibals. You, a machine intelligence, an android, remain unafflicted by this strange phenomenon and have been tasked with destroying the growing hordes of the infected, while, hopefully, locating and stopping the source of the epidemic.

Blood Frontier is collaborative effort with art assets/direction by Anthony "Acord" Cord, and engine/gameplay enhancements by Quinton "quin" Reeves. It is a total conversion based on Cube Engine 2 (Sauerbraten), the simplicity of which is carried over and expanded upon. The project itself works closely with this community.

last updated on:
March 14th, 2010, 0:17 GMT
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zlib/libpng License 
developed by:
Anthony Cord, Lee Salzman and Quinton ...
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Blood Frontier
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5 Screenshots
Blood FrontierBlood FrontierBlood FrontierBlood Frontier
What's New in This Release:
  • Enhancements to the impulsing (double jump) system; sprint for more speed, run along walls, or kick off them.
  • Fun new secondary fire modes for all weapons; stick grenades to walls, or liquefy your enemies with a big blue ball of death.
  • New and improved maps from the community; enjoy a wider range of playing environments and settings.
  • Refined and increased HUD visibility; always know what's happening and what you're looking at.
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