Angstron 2: Droid Hunter 0.99c

A tactical first person shooter with strong cartoonish atmosphere

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What's new in Angstron 2: Droid Hunter 0.99c:

  • Added Multiplayer support
  • Added Sound support
  • New homepage and SVN
  • Changed download page
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GPL v3 
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Daniel Monteiro
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Angstron 2: Droid Hunter
Angstron 2: Droid Hunter is a game that follows the story of Angstron, but is rather a tactical first person shooter. You don't get those fancy protections and 100 HP from other games. You're hit, you're dead.

But this game doesn't aim to be impossible to beat. You don't have to aim precisely because the plasma pellet you shoot has a electrical property of disabling (or even destroying) the positronic connections from the robot's CPUs. That way you can destroy them not having to aim bullseye.

This game was made with mobile devices in mind (and that bullsh*t about electrical properties was something to make it easier to play on those devices) and it doesn't require a high-end mobile device. All its graphics are real-time software-rendered (OpenGL and OpenGL ES ports almost done) and perform quite fast indeed!

* Supported devices: EZX mobile phones (tested with Motorola A1200i, A1200e , A1200r and E6)
* Nokia N770 (tests with N800 and N810 pending but probably compatible)
* EeePC 701 2G Surf or superior (was partly developed in it, indeed!)
* Desktop x86 Linux (tested with Ubuntu 8.04)
* testing compatibility with PocketPC (compiled under Linux!) , but those suck anyway.

Developer comments

If your platform is not supported now, grab the code @ , compile , test and drop me a note. I would love to add your package to the download page. You can always send me a video and a picture of it running on your platform too!

Last updated on January 4th, 2010

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