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wxSand is a Falling Sand Game.





wxSand is a Falling Sand Game is a particle toy - you can play with different 'elements', explore how they interact, and, in some reimplementations, make your own elements.

It is great fun to make interactive structures, ecosystems, and toys in a Falling Sand Game.

First of all, mad props go out to the original creator of this game. Great idea. I only wish I could read Japanese... Here's a link to the original, or at least as close to the original as I can find (Again, without knowing how to read Japanese.)

Having wasted hours of productivity on the Java verison of the Falling Sand Game, I began to think of improvements that could be made from the original. No source was available for the original, and Java isn't my choice programming language, that I decided to start de novo with C/C++ and the cross-platform wxWidgets.

(I leave it to you Java fans out there to make your own improved Falling Sand Game.)

I tend to feel that The Falling Sand Game should be more of a Zen experience than anything else. I also belive that the game should be as cyclic as possible, so that environments can run and evolve for long periods of time. Finally, I realized the close connection of The Sand Game with the game of Life: Whereby, with a few very simple rules, and some starting conditions, you can create a very unpredictable outcome.
Of course, the original is pretty sweet. So I've make a version with my own rules, and one with the original rules, and then one with the original rules plus some neat extra items. I have implemented many, many more interactions and elements than the original version. Discover them as you play.

Version 2 has no fire (Versions 3 & 4 do, though.) I don't like how easy it is to destroy everything. It also doesn't have any free-moving characters. I feel they distract attention from the evolution of the field.

Originally, I didn't want to make this Open Source. I think it takes away from the mysticism of the game. Those of you that are so inclined should be able to see the simple algorithm. Note the close connection with the game of Life. Also note the impossible situations, like unequalized water levels. These aren't shortcomings of the game, but instead interesting artifacts of the rules of this alternate reality!

What's New in This Release:

· Added "Download physics from wiki".
· Added purple100 explosions.
· Many updates, mainly explosions!
Last updated on October 29th, 2012
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