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A simple microscopic pedestrian simulation system





pedsim project is a simple microscopic pedestrian simulation system.

It consists, for the time being, of only a small simulation core and some functions to direct the pedestrians' desire. The output of the program is some POV-Ray files generated directly from the main executable (someone needs to separate this eventually), and a data stream in an XML-like format. This stream can be used to attach external viewers in order to watch progress of the simulation in real time. These viewers are available, but are at the moment not under GPL.

This package is suitable for use in crowd simulation (e.g. evacuation), games, and movies. At the moment, it will produce a hard-coded animation sequence of some sword-fighting warriors as an example. If there is enough interest in this simulation package, I will definitely improve the code in a way that it becomes more generally usable (e.g. add a user interface). See the examples page for example pictures, a short movie, and for screenshots.

pedsim was initially developed for RedHat Linux (i686) using gcc 3.2.2, and was tested on a Opteron 64bit machine with Fedora Core 1. It should compile on every POSIX compatible operating system. However, for windos, you might have to change the networking code. You can download the source code.

There is much more code available than presented here. However, not all of that code is under the GPL. Please contact me if you are interested in other software related to this simulation package. Note that the simulation presented here is very similar to the one used in our academical project, but was basically rewritten from scratch. Therefore, contact me as well if you consider using pedsim, since my future efforts on this GPL'ed project depend on the feedback I get. Please let me know in which direction this project should be extended, and for which purpose this could be of interest to you.
Last updated on February 7th, 2012

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