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jDip project is a mapper and adjudicator for Diplomacy-type games.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.7/5 19
Zach DelProposto
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jDip project is a mapper and adjudicator for Diplomacy-type games.

Currently, 20 variants are supported. Orders are viewed graphically and may be entered using the mouse, typed in directly, imported from email, or imported directly from floc.net.

Extensive undo/redo and editing support is included. Maps are detailed, zoomable, and may be exported to several formats, including PDF and SVG. jDip supports importing from email-based Judges.

The automated adjudicator is very fast, which is useful for AI-type projects.

Here are some key features of "jDip":

Game Manager
Advanced, intuitive, and polished user interface
Current turn-and all previous turns-are saved
Games may be imported directly from www.floc.net
Judge Listing and History files can be used to start new games or append turns to an existing game
Detailed map and order drawing, with zooming and panning
Maps can be exported as PDF, JPEG, PNG, or SVG graphic files
Notes and player information may be entered and saved with the game
Maps can be printed
Maps may have user-selectable choice of unit and map symbols
Multiple map styles are available. Switch between maps at any time!
Drag-and-Drop support: drag files (.jdip or judge files) to be opened
Multiple methods of entering orders (see Order Entry, below)

Fully 2000 Rules / DATC version 2.4 compliant. See the Documentation section for more information about compliance.
Advanced decision-based adjudication engine
The most accurate automated adjudicator available!
Uses Szykman rule to break paradoxes that can occur in the 2000 rules
Automated testing suite to evaluate adjudicator accuracy and performance
Validated with 255 test cases, including all DATC version 2.4 test cases from sections 6 and 8-12. Note that section 7 (Colonial Rules) are not yet supported.
High-speed adjudication engine is also well-suited to intense automated adjudication tasks

Variant Support (28 variants supported)
Supports the Standard map with 5, 6, or 7 players
Complete Support for 25 variants (as well as Standard): 1898, Aberration, Ancient Med, Asia, Britain, Chaos, Crowded, Crowded 1898, Crowded Milan, Fleet Rome, Hundred3.1, Hundred3.2, Imperium, Loeb9, Milan, Modern, Modern Shift, Octarine, Pure, Renaissance, RootZ, Sail Ho!, Sail Ho! Crowded, Shift Around, Shift-Left, Shift-Right, and Youngstown
Rules and victory conditions may be adjusted when a game is created
Alternate build rules (e.g., build in any supply center) may be specified for any variant
Wing unit support. Wing units may be added to any desired variant
Convoyable coasts and Ice province types are supported

Multi-Player Support
Face-to-Face mode allows "hot-seat" play
Orders are kept secret until the turn is resolved

Order Entry
Order entry via point-and-click graphical interface or by keyboard
Drag-and-drop units to create Move, Support, or Convoy orders
Easy input of multiple orders from a Judge or other players at once by cut-and-paste
Multi-line order input available for easy entry of orders in postal or email games
Legal or, if explicitly enabled, illegal orders may be entered
All order entries are undoable
Very forgiving text order parser that accepts orders in many commonly-used formats; the following are all equivalent (note that this is not an exhaustive list):
France: Army Brest Moves to Gascony
France: A bre-gas
France: A bre -> gas
France: A bre to gas
bre moves gas
A bre m gas
Can read Judge history files, creating an entire game with a complete history!
Can read Judge listing files, creating a starting position
Can read Judge turn (and history) files, adding turns to the currently open game, if the game name matches
Coasts may be entered using slashes, hyphens, or in parentheses

Persistent Undo/Redo: can undo actions even from a previously saved game.
Order entries, Edit mode changes, and Adjudications (order resolutions) are all undoable and redoable
Undo allows easy "rewind" of a game to a prior turn, where gameplay may be continued

Any phase (movement, retreat, or adjustment) may be edited
Add, remove, or change unit positions and supply center ownership
All edits are undoable

Multiple Platform Support
Runs on any Java 1.4-compatible platform
Currently runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris
Data files and saved games are compatible across all platforms

All data files and save game files are in XML
Custom maps and variants can be created
No limits to number of regions or units; large variants can be easily supported
Variants with Ice borders, convoyable coasts, and other complex features are supported

Multiple Language Support
English fully supported
German fully supported
Partial Dutch language support
Partial French language support


A Java 1.4 (or later) virtual machine
An XFree86 version greater than 4.1

What's New in This Release:

Aberration V variant and symbols added (thanks to Stefano Costantini)
Ancient Med variant and symbols added (thanks to Stefano Costantini)
Renaissance variant added (thanks to Ian Scrivins)
New Windows installer, which an automatically download Java if needed
Size (smaller by more than 1 MB) and speed improvements
Mac OS X: better file chooser.
Online bug reports (which occurs with severe jDip errors) is are considerably more detailed.
A LOT more

Last updated on November 18th, 2006

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