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XRally project is a X11 clone of the Rally X arcade game.




XRally project is a X11 clone of the Rally X arcade game.

In Rally X, you control a blue car which has to run through a maze-like level collecting flags and avoiding colliding with enemy (red) cars. In order to protect itself, the blue car can discharge clouds of smoke which stun the enemy cars for a while.

The enemy cars can also crash into each other, what gives you some extra time. One of the main features of XRally is that it is fully customizable.

You can create custom tilesets and levels and load them at run time, changing the entire look of the game. (You could, for instance, create a water tileset, using boats instead of cars.)

What's New in This Release:

Added the Easy Level, that should be suitable for begginners
Fixed bug in the radar display (was displaying some weird green lines)
Fixed some segfaults, added others
Updated xpm2xrally a bit more forgiving about the xpm file syntax
And now it outputs the maps on the new map format
Changed the maps a bit (some of them were way _too_ hard)
Removed some unecessary stuff
Added a xm2mod utility, to convert xm music to mod (XRally format)
Added a Intro tune
Added a new level option, "resol", the sets how many tiles are painted on the screen at a time (see a example on the Leo Level)
Added html documentation, written by Josh Franklin
sound now works on PowerPC
Debian files added to the main repository to make debian package maintenance easier.
Loads of sounds enhancements
Fixed bug when the player wasn't receiving his extra lives (some changes of
score.value didn't check for it)
Changed the layout of the info bar, now contains the level name, the number of the current map, the total number of maps and the hiscore for this level
Some code cleanup
Added ANSI color codes to debug messages
Changed the intro menu
Added a big nice background image
Added blending effect to the menu.
Added shading/unshading effect to the meu.
Changed the position of all the item/texts
Indentation fixes (using tabs instead of spaces)
Added blended windows to splash screen messages, hiscores messages and in-game windows
Changed the default border color from a window from red to gray (is that border necessary?)
Changed the layout of the splash screen (to take advantage of all the new screen space)
Added a more informative level description (w/ the speed of the cars on the first map)
Slowed down the default speed (from 12 to 9)
Displays menu help on the main menu screen
Displays game help on the splash screen
Changed the graphics API
Changed some of the FPS counting routines (now it should be better to benchmark the game)
Displays Expected frame len and Real frame len on end of map (good to see if your computer is fast enough to play the game)
Last updated on November 16th, 2006

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