World of Goo physics

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World of Goo physics




World of Goo physics is a Python module that offers a demonstration of the physics in World of Goo.

Developer comments

I found out how they do what they do in world of goo! What the goo do: Black goo attaches to any goo except balloon goo. White goo is the same as Black. Are really Albino. Balloon(red) goo can pick up stuff once it's attached. Vine (green) goo are the same as black but CAN be disconnected. Blue(new) goo are not effected by gravity once attached. ALSO: R Resets the world. BckSpce Deletes last goo you touched. Esc Quits. Really fun sandbox like game! Try the real game sometime, it ROCKS! Also try, in mine, to drop the goo from really high heights to make it go splat! It's pretty fun, actually.
Last updated on January 26th, 2009

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World of Goo physics

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