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Star Voyager is a space combat and exploration game.




Star Voyager is a space combat and exploration game. It is set in the Star Trek universe. It uses the SDL library for portability and should compile on any platform supporting SDL and Standard C. It is playable as both a multiplayer and single player game.

Here are some key features of "Star Voyager":

Star Voyager is designed to be a rather flexible, open ended game. Instead of any kind of storyline, you choose which alliance you begin with, and work your way through the ranks, completing missions in a style akin to Frontier Elite.

The current version does not yet implement missions, but has sophisticated multiplayer support, if you feel like shooting up your friends.

Features unique to Star Trek are already included, such as ship designs straight out of the TV series, plus cloaking devices, warp drive transporters and phasers.


SDL portable games library 1.2
SDL_net 1.2

What's New in This Release:

Total freeze bug (in network code; local as well as remote) fixed
Last updated on September 26th, 2007
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