Spectemu 0.99.3

Spectemu project is a 48k ZX Spectrum emulator.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.0/5 14
Miklos Szeredi
ROOT \ Games \ Simulation
Spectemu project is a 48k ZX Spectrum emulator.

Spectemu is a fast and nearly perfect emulation of the 48k ZX Spectrum computer. It can be run in an X11 window or on a Linux console. Features include sound output, tape emulation (with border stripes and sound), snapshot saving and loading, and an interactive keyboard picture.

It emulates the Z80 processor as well as the 48k Spectrum's other hardware: keyboard, screen, sound, tape I/O. The emulation is very close to the real thing, but it is still quite fast (It was reported to be working well on a laptop with 486 at 25Mhz!).

On the other hand, the user interface is not the best. If you would like to see such features as Spectrum 128 or IF1 emulation, and don't mind the speed decrease, then have a look at xzx, another Spectrum emulator for UNIX. (Maybe sometime Spectemu will also support those.)

Here are some key features of "Spectemu":

Quite fast
X Support with MITSHM on a local display
Console graphics support with Linux Svgalib
Sound support (with Linux Open Sound System and SUN sound driver)
Snapshot saving and loading (.z80 and .sna format)
Tape emulation with .tap and .tzx files (I/O emulation with border striping and tape sound)
Optional quick loading of tapefiles
"Animated" keyboard picture NEW
Configuration NEW


Linux, or some other UNIX system
X windows for running emulator in window
Svgalib for running on Linux console
A sound card supported by your kernel (if you want sound)

What's New in 0.94 Stable Release:

Keyboard picture:
In X the emulator displays the keyboard of Spectrum with Ctrl-k
Pressed keys are shown on the picture, and keys can be pressed with the mouse
Spectemu can be configured with config files and command line
Lots of small new features which can all be configured
Keyboard mapping and colours can be configured
Many small improvements (e.g. DOS version is now usable)

What's New in 0.99.3 Development Release:

Fullscree mode in X
Sound on IRIX by Roman Dudek
Some nice contributions from Mikko Nummelin, Jorge Giner Cordero, Catalin Mihaila, Matthias Arndt and others
Compilation fixes for recent gcc

Last updated on January 11th, 2007

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