Spacewar Multi 3.5.6

Geometrian space multiplayer game
Spacewar Multi Created over a series of a few days, you play a spaceship in a maze-like arena with many players.

Spacewar Multi Created shows off the Mastermind networking library.

Developer comments

Thank you to pymike for suggestions and especially for hosting the server.

The year is 2950.  Finally, after years of fighting, the united galactic alliance has negotiated a well-deserved peace.  The long-standing armies have now turned to games to amuse themselves.  One such game is this one.  You have a small ship, equipped with a simple energy cannon.  Enter the nebular arena and face off against others.  You will find powerups to bolster your energy, which will manifest in more effective weaponry.  

LEFT ARROW  - Turn Left
RIGHT ARROW - Turn right
UP ARROW    - Accelerate
r           - Reincarnate (after dying)

m     - Begin typing message
ESC   - cancel typing a message
ENTER - Send typed message
Special Commands:

Type the following as messages.
If recognized, they will be highlighted purple.
Make sure there are no spaces in front of commands.
Brackets "[" and "]" indicate optional sections. 
1. /me message
2. /clear
3. /color[ ](R,G,B)
4. /help
5. /kill
6. /kick player[, reason]
7. /name name
   /nick name
8. /auth password
Command 1. sets one's status.
Example: "/me is feeling happy."
Command 2. clears messages.
You must be an administrator to clear the messages.
Example: "/clear"
Command 3. sets one's color.  
Colors must be sufficiently light and in the range 0-255 to be accepted.
Example: "/color (255,0,0)"
Command 4. returns version, credits, and refers to here.
Example: "/help"
Command 5. self-destructs
Example: "/kill"
Command 6. removes another player from the game.
You must be an administrator to kick someone.  
Type in a password to verify with /auth (cmd. 8)
Example: "/kick player1, being a bad sport."
Command 7. renames self (if possible)
Example: "/name Bob Dylan"
Example: "/nick Bob Dylan"
Command 8. authenticates as administrator.
Example: "/auth ians_password"

last updated on:
February 2nd, 2009, 11:29 GMT
developed by:
Ian Mallett
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Spacewar Multi
What's New in This Release:
  • Lots of changes including a huge port to OpenGL and many new features.
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