Second Life Open Source Viewer 1.20.15

Second Life Open Source Viewer is a compilation of bug fixes and new features based on an official Second Life build.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Second Life Open Source Viewer is a compilation of bug fixes and new features based on an official Second Life build, which Linden Lab has further released as open source. It is not an official release. Its main purpose is to help speed the process by which bug fixes and new features are accepted into the official build (Open Source Meeting/2007-07-12).

If you would like to help in the process to test bug fixes or new features, you may download the latest version from the Open Second Life Community Code (OSLCC) repository.

To avoid confusion over the generic "Open Source" title, releases from OSLCC will have their own version name.

About Second Life:

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents.

A world of possibilities - a place where you have the ability to do almost anything you can imagine. In a little over a year, Second Life's Residents have crafted a richly textured world filled with hundreds of thousands of objects of their own creation.

Complex and compelling characters dwell in every conceivable building from whimsical hobbit-houses to soaring urban towers to a medieval castle where visitors battle giant insects to win treasure. The local zoo features killer whale rides, speed boats ply the waterways, and a Resident-abducting alien space ship has been known to visit - all of it imagined and created by Second Life's Residents.

To start your Second Life trial, simply download Second Life, register to create your character, choose your membership plan, and log in.

Here are some key features of "Second Life":

Roam a 3D living landscape full of exciting places and things
Visit neighborhoods, shopping malls, nightclubs, sports arenas, churches, libraries, casinos-virtually every space that exists in the real world
Adventure in castles, space stations, dungeons, Wild West towns, and cities in the sky-virtually everything from the infinite universe of the imagination
Travel on foot, or by planes, trains, and flying saucers; gondolas, fuel-injected muscle cars, mechanical unicorns, fearsome gun ships, giant snails, smog-belching mech robots, stardust-powered magic broomsticks-or on your own power, with the innate ability that all Residents have, to teleport and fly at will
lter your character's appearance to look like anything - an imaginary superhero, a mythical monster, or your own mirror image
Change your reality with simple but sophisticated 3D creation tools: build houses, design furniture; create clothing, jewelry, and art
Learn the Linden Scripting Language to give life to your creations: weapons that shoot, vehicles that traverse the air, land, and sea; build in-world games of all variety and genre
Collaborate on projects live in real time with other Residents, to build an entire city, a full-featured game, and more
Invest time and ingenuity in a fully integrated economy
Advertise and sell your business to a city-sized population of consumers
Exchange the Linden Dollars you earn for real dollars, and vice versa
Donate your earnings to in-world projects, or real world non-profit causes and organizations
Make all or part of your real world living from your efforts in Second Life
Join a vibrant society bustling with people from countries all over the real world
Share laughs and activities at the dozens of in-world events happening daily
Party endlessly at nightclubs, fashion shows, art openings, fancy dress balls
Host your own social events for love, fun, and profit
Fall in love, get married at a virtual service-and officially designate your Second Life partner
Jump into multiplayer and solo play in dozens of in-world games made by gamers, for gamers
Compete with other Resident gamers in first-person shooters, fantasy RPGs, puzzle, and strategy games, all created by the Residents themselves
Race to find scavenger hunt items across the entire world, or hunt your prey in assassination games where every Resident is a suspected triggerman (or triggerwoman!)
Enjoy solo board games or story-driven adventures, or casual social games of chance and skill
Acquire the ground beneath your feet; keep the rights to everything you create in-world
Buy, rent, and sell land
Develop the land you own, for personal use, business, or projects of all kinds
Compete in online auctions to acquire property
Retain Intellectual Property rights over your in-world creations. Your works are yours to do with as you please.

What's New in This Release:

This version has 35 crash fixes and an approximate 20% decrease in total crash rate across all types of hardware over the previous major release.
The user interface skin is now selectable, with an optional new skin.
Clicking on resident names in Chat/IM now opens their profile.
There were other improvements to the display of incomplete avatars, search, internationalization support, and support for Joystick and 3D input devices, and other small improvements to daily interactions.

Last updated on July 31st, 2008

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