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RJGlass is an open source, OpenGL-based CRJ Glass Cockpit simulator.




RJGlass is an open source, OpenGL-based CRJ Glass Cockpit simulator.


To install on Linux, RJGlass.py needs to be run with python. In order to run on Linux you must have 3D acceleration working with your video card.

You also need to install Python (most Linux distro's come with Python already installed) PyOpenGL 2.X, GLUT, and PyGame.

(Note: PyOpenGL 3.X is buggy, and kills the frame rate. Uses PyOpenGL 2.X for best resutsl.)

If you use Ubuntu you can apt-get install python-OpenGL python-PyGame (This should get everything you need.)

To run either click to run RJGlass.py or from command line do: python RJGlass.py

Config File (config.py)

To change the configuration settings for RJGlass, you need to edit the config.py file.

Note the config.py file is the only python file, if you go the Windows executable route.

If you download the source, then the config.py file is along with the other .py (python) files.

The file has comments to help, the following are the most frequent changes you will make to it.

The config file is set by default for non fullscreen (windowed mode) 1024x768, and trys to connect to FSX on port 1500.

The x,y resolution of RJGlass is set by window_x and window_y respectively. (Note: The program is designed for and runs best at 1024x768)

fullscreen=True will give a fullscreen view. fullscreen=False will make it a window within your desktop.

There are multiple mode's of operation (mode=FSXSP0 or FSXSP1 or FSXSP2 (default)) will attempt to connect to FSX. (mode=TEST), will not listen for any data and just render the gauges. You must specifiy the correct version of FSX, either SP0, SP1, or SP2.

port=1500, sets the port that RJGlass will try to connect to SimConnect on.

**** VERY IMPORTANT: You need to put a special XML file in the coorect spot on the computer running FSX, so to allow RJGlass to connect. Also, you may have to open up port 1500, in firewalls (Windows / router )


To quit out of RJGlass, press the ESC key or Ctrl-Q.
Mouse doesn't do anything on RJGlass, keyboard assignments are below.



PgDn ------ Decrease Moving Map range

PgUp ------ Increase Moving Map range

n ------ Cycle NDB's on and off

v ------ Cycle VOR's on and off

a ------ Cycle APT's on and off

f ------ Cycle Fixes (Intersections) on and off


1 ------ Cycle HSI's Bearing 1

2 ------ Cycle HSI's Bearing 2

TAB ------ Change Nav Source (Nav1 or Nav2)


Alt-z ------ Cycle thru Vspeed selected (V1/VR/V2)

Ctrl-z ------ Vspeed Visible (On/Off)

z ------ Increase selected Vspeed

Shift-z ------ Decrease selected Vspeed

VT Speed

Ctrl-y ------ Vspeed Visible (On/Off)

y ------ Increase selected Vspeed

Shift-y ------ Decrease selected Vspeed

Decision Height (DH)

Ctrl-d ------ DH Visible (On/Off)

d ------ Increase DH

Shift-d ------ Decrease DH

MDA (Decision Altitude)

Ctrl-m ------ MDA Visible (On/Off)

m ------ Increase MDA

Shift-m ------ Decrease MDA

Heading Bug

h ------ Increase Heading Bug

Shift-h ------ Decrease Heading Bug

Kollsman (Altimeter Setting)

b ------ Reset setting (29.92/1013)

Alt-b ------ Change units (InHg/HPA)

Shift-b ------ Increase setting

Ctrl-b ------ Decrease setting


F1 ------ Auto Pilot (On/Off)

F2 ------ Flight Director (On/Off)

F3 ------ Heading Hold

F12 ------ Increase Pitch/ VS

Shift-F12 ---- Decrease Pitch/ VS

What's New in This Release:

Moving Map works across North America.
Now works with Microsoft's ESP.
Audio Altitude Callouts Limited Auto Pilot functionality.
Altimeter Settings now work in HPA.
Last updated on July 30th, 2008

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