RARS 0.91_2

RARS consists of a Robot Auto Racing Simulator.

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3.1/5 14
Mitchell E. Timin and the RARS team
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RARS consists of a Robot Auto Racing Simulator.

The Robot Auto Racing Simulator (RARS) consists of a simulation of the physics of cars racing on a track, a graphic display of the race, and a separate control program (robot "driver") for each car.

The goal of the game is to implement such a control program in order to compete against other programmers. An official formula one season is held every year.

All RARS software and activities are free and open to the public. Currently only Windows and Unix versions are actively supported, but some old DOS and OS/2 code exists and it should be possible to get it back to work.

What's New in This Release:

a human robot controlable with a joystick.
It works on Windows/Linux in OpenGl or not. To try it,
start Rars
place the robot "human" in the selected drivers.
set the poplist follow car to "human".
Take your joystick and good luck.
The real robots are very fast :-) The vc_start.exe file for Windows has been updated and contains the human boot too.
Also, it contains the following bugs fixes:
replay of movies works even when the car is not compiled.
(Unix) Due that people did RPM distribution of rars, it happens that the Rars directory was not writable. Now, if the current directory is non-writable. The files are written in /tmp/
(KDE) the -nd (no display) works now.

Last updated on January 10th, 2007

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