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Pizza Game is a 3D, real-time game in which you manage a pizza restaurant.




Pizza Game project is a 3D, real-time game in which you manage a pizza restaurant.

As manager, you must build a restaurant, buy the various objects and furniture that the restaurant requires, hire/fire/manage your employees, buy advertising, buy ingredients, set prices, and make sure your restaurant keeps your customers happy.

You start out with nothing more than an empty lot and a loan. Will you transform that lot into a thriving pizza business or fail to attract customers and watch your debt pile up?

Here are some key features of "Pizza Game":

Build your restaurant by placing walls, putting in doorways, installing windows.
Decorate your restaurant by choosing from numerous paint colors and wallpaper designs.
Put in tiles for your floors by choosing from a large selection of colors and designs.
Buy the items and objects that your restaurant needs: tables, chairs, ovens, lights, and various miscellaneous objects that can make your restaurant the pizza parlor of choice for customers.
Hire (and fire) the right employees that will perform the necessary tasks for running a pizza restaurant.
Manage advertising for your pizza business.
Buy the necessary ingredients for making pizzas and selling money-making side orders.
Choose the opening and closing times for your restaurant in order to have your restaurant operate most efficiently.

Linux users: if you downloaded the binary version, and get an error when attempting to run the game that is related to, perform the following steps to remedy it:

1) create an OGRE subdirectory in /usr/lib
2) copy the in the libs subdirectory in the pizzagame directory to the OGRE subdirectory you just created
Last updated on January 10th, 2007
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