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Palomino project is a flight simulator and 3D engine written in C++ for GNU/OpenGL systems.






Palomino project is a flight simulator and 3D engine written in C++ for GNU/OpenGL systems. It works on Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac.

Gameplay is partially implemented.


F1 to switch views, ALT+Left|Right to pan around, 0..9 throttle, TAB to switch F-14 models, Backspace to reset view, Ctrl+c to exit. For max FPS: pass -demo and press SHIFT-z then F12.

Here are some key features of "Palomino":

· Systems: Portable across GNU systems with OpenGL graphics (Linux, FreeBSD, Apple Mac OS X).
· Source code: Written in C++ using GNU software. Tools written in Python.
· 3D engine: 3D engine specialized for flight simulation based on BSP tree and graph data structures.
· Modules: Low-level graphics functions, 3D engine, application-level modules.
· Events: Modules can broadcast events to listeners in other modules.
· State-sorting by graph: Graph sorts polygons and attributes to reduce OpenGL state changes.
· Visitors: Pervasive use of the Visitor design pattern (technique used in OpenSceneGraph).
· Efficient collision-detection: BSP trees are used to detect when a 3D object has collided into another.
· Dynamically-generated terrain: Terrain model based on heightmaps that are dynamically generated using noise functions.
· 3D models: Engine can import 3D models from Blender.


· Supported operating systems: Linux (Ubuntu), FreeBSD, Mac OS X.
· Minimum CPU: 2 Ghz.
· Minimum GPU: Video card made in 2003 with 32MB.
· Minimum mem: 512MB.
· Graphics: OpenGL, GLUT.
· Sound (optional): PLIB.
· Required software: GNU tools, development packages, Python, zlib.

Tested operating systems: Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (i386/amd64), FreeBSD 6.2, Mac OS X Tiger (PowerPC).

Tested video cards: Nvidia GeForce 5500FX, 7600GT, ATI Radeon 92xx,95xx (Apple), Mesa3D SW (Sony PS3).
Last updated on June 16th, 2009
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