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A 3D city simulator game





OpenCity is a 3D city simulator game.

Once upon the time, I was travelling over the Internet, and I found a city simulator under linux called FreeReign at SourceForge. But it isn't maintained any more. I decided to push the game up so I had a look at the FreeReign sources.

However, its codes were not obvious to me, and in addition the game design didn't fit my programming style. Finally, I decided to write my own free 3D city simulator, based on the original ideas of the FreeReign project. Few months later, OpenCity was born.

OpenCity is a city simulator game project written in standard C++ with OpenGL and SDL from scratch. It is not intended to be a clone of any famous city simulator from Max*s. So, if you are looking to download a free SimCity 4 like, please forget OpenCity. I work on it at my spare time, I really meant it "my spare time" !

OpenCity is also a OpenGL game programming tutorial. In the resources section, you can find the micro simulators' algorithm, design document, UML diagram and information about other issues.
Last updated on June 27th, 2009

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