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Net Tamagotchi project consists of a Net Tamagotchi server.




Net Tamagotchi project consists of a Net Tamagotchi server.

Net Tamagotchi server maintains multiple virtual pets on a Unix host, accessible through telnet.

The first thing you should do is edit the Makefile, and make sure you're happy with all the settings. Then you are ready to:

$ make

The Tamagotchi server does not need superuser privileges, and it is in fact recommended to run it as an unprivileged user. Move the executable to a directory where you would like it to reside. The server will keep its files in that

If you wish, you may do a 'make install' which will place the executable into a common system daemon directory.

To start Net Tamagotchi, type in:

$ ./tamad 90210

That's it. Net Tamagotchi should be up and running. To test it, telnet to the port it's running on. You should see the login screen... you may now create your Net Tamagotchi.

$ telnet localhost 9111 # or the port you specified

All profiles will be stored and kept in a file named 'tamas' in the current directory... users on the system should not be able to read this file since it will contain plaintext passwords.

What's New in This Release:

New versioning scheme, as popularised by the Linux kernel
Renamed the `tama' binary to `tamad' to reflect that it is a daemon
Makefile is now GNU standards compliant
Last updated on April 4th, 2007

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