KFreeFlight 0.3.2-r2

KFreeFlight is a flightgear gui-frontend.
KFreeFlight is a flightgear gui-frontend. KFreeFlight can launch it with the most common options without taping a very long command line.

Some clicks and you can fly away.

Why KFreeFlight ?

Because all program I find doesn't have the common options I use. (NMEA for example) or can't be set up for using with an "exotic" GNU/Linux Distribution (like GENTOO or LFS) or a FlightGear source-based installation.

WARNING : the options you enter are not verify by the program and can render FlightGear unstable with bad options (ex caracter in place of number, etc...)

Knows bugs

1 -Some aircrafts haven't pixmap because they're in a directory witch a different name (ex seafireIII in the spitfire directory)

2 -When call reload config, sometimes, spaces appears behind the value in the QLineEdit.

QString::stripWhiteSpace() seem solve the problem. Contact me if it appears again.


To build under Linux, follow these steps:

make install

if you have an exotic kde installation (like me on gentoo tape
./configure --prefix=Path/to/KDE/Directory like /usr/kde/3.4/ for example.

What's New in 0.2.1 RC1 Stable Release:

Add shadows(aircraft, ai objects, scenery objects) options
Add bump mapped clouds option
Add reload aircraft list button
Add ATC-Chatter option (FlightGear CVS version only)

What's New in This Release:

fix critic bugs only

last updated on:
April 19th, 2006, 22:02 GMT
developed by:
Didier Fabert
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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