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Hemlock Space (HSpace) software package is a "plug-in" for Internet text based games that provides 3D space simulation support.




Hemlock Space (HSpace) software package is a "plug-in" for Internet text based games (MUSHes) that provides 3D space simulation support. It has been in development and use since 1995 on the popular Hemlock game series and many others, including Conflicts of Earth, Wing Commander: Red Horizon, and Otherspace. While text-based in nature, HSpace pushes the limits of the text environment by providing full color, ASCII graphics to give players a more realistic sense of the space environment.

Here are some key features of "Hemlock Space":

· 3D ship navigation
· Ship to ship combat
· Game-wide communications
· Multiple universe support
· Generic object support
· Multiple ship console support
· Territorial ownership
· Multiple combat weapons support
· Afterburners and hyperdrives


· PennMUSH


You have unpacked the HSpace package, which contains a single "hspace" directory with the HSpace source code and this text file that you are reading. There is a Makefile in the same directory, which you will use to build the HSpace library.

First, you will need to unpack and compile your game engine, be it PennMUSH or whatever. It is important for you to compile your game without HSpace to be certain that you can even get that far. Build your game, start it up, and get it running well. If you install HSpace without first testing your game without it, you won't be able to distinguish normal game problems from problems that could be caused by the space system!

To build HSpace, you need to do the following things:

For PennMUSH:

1. Move your hspace directory into your pennmush/src directory, so that your hspace directory should be at pennmush/src/hspace.
2. Go to the hspace directory, and type make.

If all goes well, it should compile. You should see several lines like "Generating dependencies for ..." and "Compiling ...". If you see any errors, you have compilation problems that were not forseen when this package was

When your package is done building, you will see a file called in the hspace
directory named "libhspace.a." This is the fully compiled HSpace code that
will need to be "plugged in" to your game engine.


You will need to modify one two files for PennMUSH to add HSpace: src/local.c and Makefile.SH.

Make the following change to Makefile.SH (in the pennmush directory):

Change: CLIBS=$libs $cryptlib
To: CLIBS=-lpthread -Lhspace -lhspace -Lhspace/hsnetwork -lhsnetwork -lstdc++ $libs $cryptlib

Note that this assumes you have your hspace package directory in the pennmush/src directory! If this is not the case, then you should have -L (e.g. -L../spacestuff/hspace).

Make the following changes to src/local.c, but do not include the
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