Flying Guns

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A distributed 3D simulation framework.





FlyingGuns is a bttlefield and flight simulator used to develop and test approaches for low-resource, Internet enabled games and distributed simulation. Areas of application might be industrial and military simulation or entertainment.

The same time, FlyingGuns is a 3D action computer game capable of single- and multiplayer gaming.

FlyingGuns lets the player enter a WW1 fighter plane and fight against human or AI opponents. Having slow planes keeps the gameplay compact. The game is capable to handle a real lot of opponents the same time. Fighting against 100 AI opponents solves the 'where is the enemy' problem, which is quite common to flightsim today, in an extraordinary manner.

FlyingGuns layers on top of the HeadQuarter technology that is developed simultaniously. Some effort has been taken to create an extendable framework for such kind of application. So FlyingGuns is just one example of what the framework can be used for. Other options that immediately come to mind are:

* Tank battle
* Offroad racing
* Gocart racing
* First person shooter
* RC plane simulator
* Submarine action game
Last updated on August 28th, 2008
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