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A free, open-source combat simulation.




The Combat Simulator Project (CSP) is a community united by the common interest to develop an open-source, 100% free combat simulation. Our ultimate goal is to create cross-platform, high-fidelity simulations of large-scale combat scenarios. CSP is open for all to join. We invite everyone with interest in simulators and simulator development to participate and contribute to this project.

Apart from the usual OpenAL/OpenGL/SDL tricolore and general system libraries, the CSPSim engine depends on OpenSceneGraph, osgAL, Python, SWIG, Vorbis and probably a few more.

For now, the available content includes only a few models, airports, and the Balkan terrain which all has to be thrown together and built. Just follow the white rabbit in the instructions linked below.
Last updated on August 30th, 2008

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