Car World

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A small driving simulator/demo I use to test various things of interest





CarWorld is a small driving simulator/demo I use to test various things of interest. It was mostly developed when I was a student. Car World is released with the full source code under the GNU General Public License.

The rendering

The two top pictures represent an slightly older version (v0.072) but graphically similar of CarWorld as it was presented for my project. v0.072 includes an OpenGL based renderer allowing
file input and displaying of texture mapped models with interpolated surface normals, real time projected shadows (as seen in the dino lights example).
background object
on screen command line to modify visual and simulation parameters

The mechanics

based on classical mechanics
uses standard metrics (Newtons, meters, seconds...)
there are no constraints on the environment surface
variable length time increments and variable increment number means "CarWorld time" is not dependent on frame rate.
adjustable simulation specs include: metrics, mass, moment of inertia around rotation axis, suspension pre load, compression damping, rebound damping, engine torque output, air friction, surface friction.
Last updated on December 17th, 2009
Car World - screenshot #1Car World - screenshot #2Car World - screenshot #3

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