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Archive Games is a project to distribute games via the internet in an easy-to-use compact interface.




Archive Games is a tool to distribute games via the Iternet in an easy-to-use compact interface.

How are we different from other game download utilities? For starters, Archive Games offers a number of free downloads. Furthermore, Archive Games strives to be as non-invasive as possible - you only have to run Archive Games to download and update free games, but we make it easy to launch games from our interface if you want to.

We also won't auto-install to your system startup and won't spam you with ads when all you want to do is get high quality games as quickly as possible.

To run Archive Games, simply:

1) Change Directory to the Archive Games folder (cd ~/ArchiveGames if
installed to your home folder) where this readme lives.
2) Execute the archivegames binary (./archivegames)

Note that the user running Archive Games requires read & write permission to the folder and all subfolders of ArchiveGames.
Last updated on January 28th, 2008
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