XBattleAI 1.2.2

XBattleAI is an Unix strategy game.

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Mathias Broxvall
ROOT \ Games \ RTS
XBattleAI project is an Unix strategy game.

XBattleAI is an enhanced version of the Unix strategy game XBattle. XBattleAI is an elegant and abstract realtime strategy game for multiple players or a single player.

It is based on the last stable version of XBattle (5.4.1), and adds the option of using computer-controlled opponents, campaigns, some bugfixes, and some miscellaneous extra features.

XBattle[AI] is a realtime strategy game in it's purest form. You are fighting on a graph (map) where certain nodes continously produces energy (troops) and you fight by drawing arrows along the edges where troop movements should occur. Obviously, this oneline description is an oversimplification of the game since there exists lots of options and more interesting features than just moving the troops on a graph.

The only major difference this far from the original XBattle and my XBattleAI is the ability to use computer controlled opponents. All options in the original game can now be used in conjunction with the AI option provided by XBattleAI, however the AI does not always take advantage of them. For instance, the AI uses guns only in preparations of attacks (never for harrasment) and never uses paratroopers even if the game parameters allows them.

What's New in This Release:

More manpage updates.
Added VICTORY OPTIONS section.
Temp file cleanups.
Client and server have different fileanames, different processes have different names.
Temp files are deleted when no longer needed.
Client/Server options have better parameter checking.
Fixed argument count for -use_server in options.h and xbattle.man.
Converted file.c to use buffers and bit-twiddling to put values into a known binary format.

Last updated on January 3rd, 2007

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