Tribal Trouble

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Tribal Trouble is a fast paced RTS (real-time strategy) game where you will find yourself pitted against your computer or online players. Your job is to lead your somewhat clueless kinsmen (be it vikings or natives) to new discoveries and victories as the tribal clashes rage across a group of tropical islands.

Once upon a time, a gang of viking raiders got so drunk celebrating their latest successful pillaging trip, that they got lost on the high sea and ended up stranding on a small group of tropical islands. Here they chose to stay for a while, much to the annoyance of the local natives.

While Tribal Trouble is quite simple to grasp, planning successful strategies and utilizing the complex and varying terrain to your advantage, is the real challenge.
Last updated on December 23rd, 2008
Tribal TroubleTribal TroubleTribal Trouble

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A fast paced realtime strategy game.


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