Railz 0.3.3

Railz is a Railroad Tycoon-style RTS game.
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.6/5 18
Robert Tuck
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Railz project is a Railroad Tycoon-style RTS game.

Railz is a railway strategy/management game based upon the jfreerails source code base. The project is still in the development, stage and has not yet reached a complete feature set. The game is based on a client-server architecture and will be multi-player.


JDK 1.4.2 or later


To compile, either go to the directory src, and type:

# javac -source 1.4 org/railz/launcher/Launcher.java org/railz/server/scripting/*.java

then type

# java org/railz/launcher/Launcher

to start.

What's New in This Release:

New graphics for Norris and Grasshopper trains.
Train status icon. Fixes to "out of water" calculations, Norris not being made
available in 1837, default engineType graphics for new engineTypes. Code to
allow new maps to be added without further code changes.
Bug fixes:
6 P3 FIX Top-down engine gfx are just black rectangles
11 P3 FIX freight and passenger revenues are not separated
25 P3 FIX Station cargo delivery doesn't account for multiple stations
9 P3 FIX too easy to accidentally build track by clicking on map
41 P2 FIX ImageManager exposes file locations to rest of client
43 P2 FIX small_south_america map does not work
44 P2 FIX New game from Game Menu causes extra tabs to be loaded in...
Outstanding bugs:
7 P4 NEW Help and Build Menus missing accelerators
8 P5 NEW train schedule dialog doesn't sccale gracefully
12 P4 NEW tidy up build menu
14 P4 NEW when in build mode, should be able to see build cost
21 P5 ASSI dialogs no longer need close buttons
23 P4 NEW Select station dialog needs improving
26 P4 NEW Urban areas should grow over time
27 P4 NEW MapLayerRenderer doesn't expose the right methods
28 P4 ASSI Game world objects contain non-internationalised strings
42 P3 ASSI Memory leak in networking code

Last updated on January 3rd, 2007

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