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Rail World is a 2-D train simulation game.




Rail World project is a 2-D train simulation game.

Rail World is a railroad train simulation game designed to bring the features of model railroading to the desktop using actual aerial or satellite photographs as the backdrop for maps.

You can control multiple trains, switches, load/unload cargo, and more.

Here are some key features of "Rail World":

Use actual aerial photographs or satellite images as the basis for maps.
Manage multiple trains as a conductor.
Drive trains using throttle and brake as an engineer.
Grapple with realistic physics, including stopping distance and collisions.
Set switches and specific train routing.
Load and unload cargo.


Java 1.5

What's New in This Release:


IMPROVED: Faster performance and less memory usage!
IMPROVED: Applets now can set the signal program, although they see an ugly window (KNOWN ISSUE from 0.7)
IMPROVED: Whole new applet startup interface allows applets to select map and scripts
IMPROVED: Train operations (reverse, split, join) no longer re-arrange the train list
IMPROVED: Train consist now shown in order, doesn't shift around
IMPROVED: Quit/save dialogs now have reasonable button labels

ADDED: Curve segments!
ADDED: StreamSound system for sound alignment
ADDED: User options and savable preferences
ADDED: New "reverse" signal in the signal programs script

CHANGED: Mini viewer looks slightly different now
CHANGED: Spring switch plugin more efficient; may not work with saved games from previous version

FIXED: Possible problem with arrow keys in map editor causing segments to dis-align
Last updated on April 13th, 2008
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